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How to insert a video in an outlook email

It is necessary to optimize image files for email properly to ensure that they download and display quickly and that, even if they are not downloaded, the email continues to function normally. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, something that is evident in the world of newsletters and commercial emails.

Example of mailings:1) It identifies the image perfectly, and if the recipient is interested he will download it.2) It does not name the image although the text below gives the necessary information.3) There is no text, the images have no name except “returns” and it is not adapted to mobile.

What size should an image be for mailing?

Try to use images that are approximately 600 pixels wide to match the standard email width. Other standard sizes you can use are: 300×212 px, 100×71 px, 150×201 px.

How to insert an image in the text of an email?

Place the cursor where you want the image to appear in the message. Select Insert > Images. Browse your computer or online file locations for the image you want to insert. Select the image and then click Insert.

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How do I send a long video by mail?

With a cloud storage solution, such as Dropbox, you can send long videos without uploading or attaching anything. Simply copy a link to the file in your cloud storage, paste it into your email and click Send, done!

Images to gmail email

It’s easy to attach pictures, files, contacts, mail messages and many other items to Outlook messages. Outlook keeps track of documents you’ve recently worked on, regardless of whether they’re stored on your computer or saved to OneDrive (cloud only). And regardless of where they are stored, Outlook lets you quickly choose whether you want to send the document as a traditional attachment or upload it to OneDrive and share a link to the file. You can also set permissions on any file sent from OneDrive that allow message recipients to view and edit them, or share them with other users.

Outlook keeps track of files you have recently worked on and suggests them whenever you decide you want to attach a file to an email message. Some file types are blocked for sending or receiving. See Blocked attachments in Outlook for a complete list.

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Send email as outlook attachment

When you have to email files, there’s nothing worse than discovering that your video is too large to attach. Learn how to email large videos three different ways with this guide.

This may sound familiar: it’s the middle of a busy week, you’re in a rush to finish a project, and the creative team has exported the final edit of the video. All that’s left to do is drag the file into an email you’ll send to clients and hit send. Only something is wrong: the file is too large.

While many of us use email every day for work, we may not always need to send large files, so it’s an unpleasant surprise to find out that you can’t.

To illustrate this, let’s look at an example. Imagine you have a briefcase with all the files you would like to send. Attaching these files to an e-mail is the equivalent of throwing them over a wall to the recipient, who is standing on the other side.

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