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Once the creation process is completed, we will send you the link to your administrator area. If you cannot find the email, please do not hesitate to ask our Customer Support for it. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

To find out what to do and how to do it, go to the bottom of your home page to see explanatory videos on the various functions available (change the text, sort the photos, etc).

The access codes for your website allow you to access the administrator area on the back-end of your site. All changes to the text and images of your website can and should be made in this interface.

A project manager will be assigned to your project to ensure a personalized follow-up between the sale and the creation of your site and thus meet the specifications and your expectations. He/she will have to:

If you notice any inconsistencies between the specifications and the site we have delivered to you, contact your project manager directly within 5 days. Without any response from you within 5 days, your site will be considered in compliance with the previously approved specifications, and will be published online.

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Article ActionsThis page was translated from English by the community. Learn more and join the MDN Web Docs community.The HTML <iframe> element (from inline frame) represents a nested navigation context, which allows you to embed another HTML page into the current page.Try it.

Each <iframe> element has its own session history and its own Document object. The navigation context that includes the implicit content is called the main navigation context. The top-level navigation context (which has no parent) is typically the browser window, represented by the Window object.

Caveat: Because each navigation context is a complete document environment, each <iframe> on a page requires more memory and other computing resources. Although you can theoretically use as many <iframes> as you wish, check for performance issues.

Specify a feature policy (en-US) for the <iframe>. See the Privacy, permissions, and information security (en-US) article for details on security issues and how <iframe> works with the Tools Policies to keep systems secure.

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The code for all Mozilla family projects (such as Firefox, Thunderbird, etc.) are combined into a single framework. The framework contains the source code and the necessary code to generate each project on the supported platforms (Linux, Windows, Mac OS, etc).

To simply take a look at the Mozilla source code, it is not necessary to download it. You can view and/or browse the source code directly from MXR (Start at to view the full code HEAD branch) using your web browser.

This document describes the directory structure that can be used by — that is, directories that are used in one of the project’s products. There are other directories in the Mozilla CVS repository, such as those for web tools and the classic code base.

These are not completely up to date. Take a look at the source code directory summary for a slightly different version of the same (older) information. Also see it for more detail on the parts of Gecko.

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