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Starting from the container, created in the previous entry, you can number equations and save them as AutoText entry in the Quick Elements Gallery or Creation Blocks to be able to use it in any document of any template.

Once the style checks are done, pressing Alt+F3 opens the Create New Creation Block dialog box (the path is: Insert > Text > Browse Quick Elements > Save selection in a Quick Elements Gallery…). There you have to create a new Category (Custom), by clicking on the Category drop-down arrow and typing it in the text box of the new Create New Category dialog box. OK to close this dialog box and go back to the previous one and complete as in the image.

You are done. Every time you type ecu, (the first three or four letters of the name we gave it), and press F3 , the numbered equations container will be inserted in any document of any template, (because it was saved in the global Building blocks template). It is the equivalent of Insert > Text > Browse quick elements > Building block organizer.

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Custom PDF to Excel conversion allows you to manually designate the column and row structure of your data. The custom PDF to Excel conversion panel allows you to access and customize your Excel conversion easily.Preview conversion output

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Our new intelligent layout detector continuously inspects various table properties to ensure accurate transfer with minimal formatting discrepancies. Cell borders, fonts, merged cells, background and border colors stay consistent after conversion.PDF to CSV

Export PDF to CSV (comma-separated values) and TSV (tab-separated values) formats. Specify the column and row structure within the table using Able2Extract’s custom PDF to CSV option.Convert any format to Excel.

Easily transfer table structures from a wide range of formats directly to Microsoft Excel. Quickly export tabular data from MS Word, PowerPoint, XPS and more to Excel spreadsheets.

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Microsoft has announced today Copilot, which as its name suggests will serve as a real copilot or assistant in what is the usual tasks we do with office suites. During the presentation we have been able to see that it will be integrated into the Microsoft 365 package with Word, Excel or PowerPoint. But it will also help us when composing emails in Outlook or summarizing eternal meetings through Teams.

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Copilot will combine the power of LLM language models with Microsoft Graph data and the entire suite of Microsoft applications to turn users’ words into original presentations, spreadsheets or emails. All this with a completely natural language, and that will always be present to help us in those moments where we have more difficulty without having to leave the application in which we are working.

In addition to Copilot, Business Chat has also been presented, which works with LLM and all your personal data. You can give this intelligent chat a simple introduction such as “Tell my team how we will update the product strategy” and it will automatically update the agenda for the next meeting, send emails and edit the chat threads. All this from a simple command that will make all the work of a workgroup instantly adaptable.

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Puede solicitar de forma adicional el motor OCR basado en ABBYY FineReader 8. Con esta función pordrá convertir imágenes escaneadas en documentos Word, textos planos, archivos Excel o documentos PDF.

Puede solicitar como opción el motor OCR basado en ABBYY FineReader 8. Esta funcionalidad convierte las imágenes escaneadas en documentos Word, texto sin formato, archivos Excel o documentos PDF con capacidad de búsqueda.

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Los menús de herramientas de las funciones clave pueden mostrarse u ocultarse y los archivos de Word, Excel o PowerPoint pueden convertirse en archivos PDF y registrarse con sólo arrastrarlos y soltarlos en una carpeta de documentos.

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